About Us

There is nothing new under the sun and we cannot create something from what already exists. The rising of Sweep It Clean is not to recreate a new cleaning industry nor to disrupt the existing market, but to improve in many areas that are often overlooked, which costs you money, and where possibilities of the health and safety of individuals in the work environment, or average families in communities, are at stake .

Every problem comes with a solution as well as a cost. Sweep It Clean goes beyond its limits to bring you the best solution that will solve most of your cleaning woes with a personal touch of experience to stay competitive in delivering superior quality services. All our services are delivered with the highest level of excellence, professionalism at the most cost effective rates within the cleaning industry, yet, perpetuates the existence of integritytrust and commitment to those we serve.

Sweep It Clean NZ Limited is an independent, family owned cleaning company, established in mid 2015. Although the company name is new to the industry, the faces behind it have accomplished and acquired years of experience and training in the industry from management, administration to cleaning commercial and industrial buildings, biohazards to methamphetamine decontamination as well as serving families in communities to live in a healthy, clean and safe environment.

We highly value our customers and their cleaning needs, we serve them to the best of our ability in a professional practical manner.  We have a friendly customer service team who will answer all enquiries with a smile.

Call us to discuss options and solutions we offer to clean the mess you have under your feet.

All quotes for our services are with a no cost obligation.