Biohazard Decontamination


Bio-hazards are infectious agents or dangerous biological materials that present a risk or potential risk to human health. Pathogens are germs that can cause disease.  Both these agents pose threats to the environment and human health, from sewerage leaks to blood on carpets, walls and furniture, to traumatic scenes after suicide, homicides or accidents.

The health hazards will result in sickness, business interruption, legal liabilities in a work place accident and in the most extreme cases, even death. All bio-hazardous substances that pose a threat to the well-being of humans, pets and the environment is to be contained and decontaminated.

Sweep It Clean provides a¬†professional decontamination process that will carefully examine and eliminate all possible hazards to people’s well-being, pets and the environment.

Depending on the level of contamination, our certified and experienced technicians who receive on-going training in handling bio-hazard intensity, decontamination, and disposal of infected material, will carry out all methods and procedures to ensure contaminated sites are thoroughly clean, and return to their pre-contaminated condition.

All our technicians use PPE (personal protective equipment) to protect them from exposure to hazards that could cause health risks whilst performing their duties on affected sites.